Kitchen construction materials

Wood is without a doubt the most spectacular and complex material for kitchens. Generally used as a veneer, wood is a living element, so it is “tuned” permanently to environmental factors: light, humidity and temperature.

Wood can be processed in many ways involving various fully automated mechanical and finishing processes. But the most interesting ways of processing, through which wood is explored to its full potential, and through which it practically comes to life, are purely artisanal processes, made exclusively by hand by master cabinetmakers.

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You should always keep in mind that wood, being a natural material, can have significant variations from one batch to another, so you can expect variations in colour, grain, or density between the sample or product you saw on display in the showroom and the product you will receive.

NB: Wood is not recommended and is not produced for kitchen worktops. If you want a wood-looking worktop, we recommend HPL countertops.

Pros and cons

  • Unmatched natural appearance, the uniqueness of each element, durability, suitable for any type of environment and design.
  • Requires careful maintenance.


  • Depending on the wood essence.

General use

  • Fronts
  • Table tops
  • Horizontal and vertical cladding elements

Price index

  • The price varies depending on the wood essence and the type of processing.

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

We offer an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of a modern kitchen.
Significant in the choice of material is the way the kitchen is used and the establishment of the point of convergence between the aesthetic and functional factors.

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