More than Italian kitchen furniture, a system of design thinking.

The idea behind the Zampieri Cucine collections stems from a philosophy of life – the kitchen is the center of the house, a convivial environment, a useful space, a living space.

With each kitchen configuration, Zampieri outlines a dialogue between technological production and artisan sensitivity, sometimes using ancient materials such as wood and stone to define a contemporary style, with references from Italian mid-century modernism.

Zampieri Cucine systems ensure a high level of customization due to a generous selection of finishes based on very versatile shape structures.

The success of Zampieri Cucine systems is the result of extensive efforts in research.

Zampieri Cucine manufactures its own materials, and each furniture collection comes with technical innovations, either constructive innovations or innovations in the production of materials and finishes.

They integrate natural materials (click Play on the video to see the ancient wood extracted from the riverbed), which are processed and treated with special varnishes in the Zampieri factory to maintain the natural appearance and to ensure durability over time.

The Multilignum collection is available for all Zampieri Cucine systems.

Stefano Cavazzana is the lead designer of Zampieri Cucine for kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room furniture.

When we design a custom Zampieri Cucine kitchen, we work with a wide range of building elements and materials, a systematized and refined technical inventory developed by Stefano Cavazzana.

Stefano Cavazzana was born in Mestre, Italy, in 1966, and graduated with honors from the University of Architecture in Venice. In his studio in Mestre he deals with architecture, design, and corporate graphics.

Stefano believes in the development of an object as a whole, the possibility to lead the design to an increasing degree of synthesis in order to eliminate everything that is superfluous from a functional and constructive point of view to obtain a formal result of great essentiality.

This rigor of design becomes an integral part of a personal, intimate poetic rigor, and Stefano Cavazzana seeks poetry to make objects become a presence in themselves.


Modelul Fifty este rezultatul unei cercetări conceptuale ce cuprinde un sistem inovator de bucătărie și living.


SEGNI este un sistem complex de integrare a zonei de bucătărie și a locului de luat masa cu living-ul, biroul și biblioteca.

Zampieri Cucine – Axis

The house of virtue has a stone foundation

Zampieri Cucine – Irori_Corner

A prototype that became a reality.

Zampieri Cucine – Line

Architecture is inhabited sculpture.

La cucina piccola fa la casa grande

Our production partners are Italian premium-luxury kitchen furniture companies, companies that combine craftsmanship with advanced factory technology to innovate with each new collection.

Welcome in our kitchen.

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Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

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