Game of contrasts in an open space kitchen project with island that combines the classic with the ultra-modern

We like high-impact associations, and kitchen design allows us to juggle with aesthetic perception, yet to treat everything in terms of utility.

We present the 3D renderings for a kitchen project designed for an old house apartment that retains all the typical classic details – high ceilings, high windows with wide frames, high doors, including decorative elements for walls – wands, moldings, cornices, and all the other geometric details.

We centered the position of the island with the round snack table on the window axis, so as to set up a command position with a visual perspective. The island is designed with a black stone finish with a gray vein to bring a star element into the configuration.

The group of columns is camouflaged with a white finish in the same tone as the color of the walls, so the presence of the columns is almost invisible, but it retains its functionality via the pocket doors that open a buffet area for small everyday appliances. The columns also hide a built-in refrigerator and oven.

The body with glazed shelves is designed for the storage of visually appealing kitchen accessories, and in terms of color, it brings contrast with the rest of the kitchen. Notice the chromatic transition from white to gray to black, a neutral spectrum that allows the host to bring their own colors into the kitchen space.


  • Blat de lucru și placare de perete – Ceramică
  • Insulă realizată integral din ceramică pe ramă de aluminiu
  • Fronturi baze – Eucalipt dogat (varianta 1) & Fenix Grigio Londra (varianta 2)
  • Fronturi coloane – Eucalipt dogat (varianta 1) & Fenix Grigio Londra (varianta 2)

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