A kitchen becomes personal when you choose materials with personality.

At MyKitchen showroom you can choose from a major suite of materials for the detailed customization of your kitchen furniture.

It all starts with a vision and a feeling.

You will find in our material library an extensive range of natural materials (made by nature) or technological materials (made industrially), each with different finishes that can be combined in hundreds of variants.

We offer specialized support for composing a moodboard for your kitchen so that we can customize each element in detail.

The best material for the kitchen

  • We are interested in the resistance and easy maintenance that we find especially in technological materials (melamine, stratified HPL, quartz, ceramics, glass).
  • We’re looking for a feeling and tactile sensation we find with natural materials (solid wood, veneer or natural stone), including handcrafted materials.

is your favorite material.

Choosing the best kitchen material is a different experience for each of us, depending on how we use the kitchen and the care we take with maintenance, cleaning, safety and ergonomics.

The visible and tactile part of the kitchen design is the choice of materials and finishes. These choices follow a concept to define the atmosphere we want at home.

What materials do you want for your new kitchen?

Let’s compose a moodboard for your new kitchen

Our vision in kitchen design reflects your vision. We offer an expert ear to listen to preferences, wishes, dreams, design ideas and material ideas that enhance the new kitchen.

Kitchen design appointments

Choose the date and time slot for an appointment of a kitchen design consultation at MyKitchen Studio showroom.