You can choose from a major suite of materials for the detailed customization of your kitchen furniture. We offer specialized assistance for creating kitchen designs that allow complete individualization.

The design and functionality of the kitchen in a home environment will dictate the aesthetic criteria for choosing materials and finishes.

Everything starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then a reality.

Fatto su misura.

All our kitchen projects are built in Italy exclusively to order. Each unit or modular element is custom designed and fabricated for your kitchen.

The best material for the kitchen

  • We’re looking for a feeling and tactile sensation we find with natural materials (solid wood, veneer or natural stone), including handcrafted materials.

is your favorite material.

Choosing the best kitchen material is a different experience for each of us, depending on how we use the kitchen and the care we take with maintenance, cleaning, safety and ergonomics.

Feel inspired by our choice of materials:

Fenix NTM

Fenix NTA


Lacquer (MDF)

Stratified HPL


Marbles and stone





Stainless steel

Welcome in our kitchen.

You’re welcome to meet us at the showroom to compose together a concert of multisensory stimuli for your home kitchen.

Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

It all starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then becomes a reality.

Gândit ca sistem de project tracking și project management, Concierge intermediază toate procedurile de lucru și comunicare între studio și client pentru a simplifica relația de colaborare.

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